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Russian Grammar: Sentences | Verbs | Nouns | Adjectives | Prepositions | Adverbs

Basic Sentence Structure
Subject + Verb + Object
The word order is not rigid, and rules permit use of any combination. As in English, it can effect the meaning of the sentence. For example, placing the verb at the end of the sentence is common for questions (just like English).

Negative Sentences
To make a sentence negative you put the word нe between the noun and verb.
I know =>Я знаю
I do not know => Я нe знаю

Comparatives / Superlatives
as ___ as
His sister is as strong as mine. => У него сестра так (же) крепка, как и моя.
Note: You must use такой with the long form adjective.

more ___than (более ___ чем)
Sasha is more lazy (lazier) than his brother. => Саша более ленивый чем брат.
Note: The regular and irregular short comparative form is not described here at this time.