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Portuguese Culture

Climate The climate in Portugal is warm compared to most European countries. Spring and summer are sunny and hot, with fall and winter experiencing wind and rain. In the northern part of Portugal snow will fall on occasion, but is extremely rare in the south.

The climate in Brazil varies, as the size of this country spans the length of South America. Most of the country is tropical and has little temperature change from season to season (in the 70's and 80's. Rainfall can vary as well. In the tropics it is notoriously humid. The Amazon rainforest has one of the most diverse wildlife areas in the world.

Events / Festivities / Holidays Merry Christmas => Buon Natale / Feliz Natal
Happy New Year => Feliz Ano Novo
Day of the Kings => Dia de Reis (in honor of the Magi) Happy Easter => Felice Pãscoa
Happy Birthday => Feliz Aniversário

Many other holidays and celebrations are held in both Portugal and Brazil.

For example, in Brazil, there are two festivals of mention: Boi Bumba and Carnaval.

Boi Bumba is celebrated throughout Brazil and celebrates their history with music and dance. Boi Bumba takes place in June with competitions between dance groups. This festival is over 80 years old.

Carnaval is celebrated in February and is more exciting than Christmas. Thousands of people come from all over the world to see it. Everyone wears costumes- some are quite elaborate, and everyone dances the Samba or some variation. There is a beautiful parade in Rio de Janeiro with very colorful dancers and floats. Carnaval is also celebrated in Portugal.

Sports / Music / Art Brazil is well known as having won the World Cup in football (soccer) several times. It is ranked the best football team in the world. Other popular sports in Brazil are basketball, volleyball, racing, and martial arts.

Portugal is also a big fan of football and contends for the World Cup as well. Other popular sports include hocky, cycling, fencing, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and rugby.

Politics In the drive for prosperity Portugal sent explorers sailing around the coast of Africa for a route to India. Vasco da Gama did just that in 1498. Two years later, Pedro Álvares Cabral was en route to India and discovered Brazil and claimed it for his country. Of the course of time Portugal gained territory and lost it in South America and in other places as well. As you may have noticed, this page focuses on the culture in Portugal and Brazil only, though other nations may also speak Portuguese.

Portugal is a democratic republic with a president, Assembly, and other branches of government. Brazil is a federation of States, Municipalities and the Federal District.

Religion Both Portuguese and Brazilian governments permit freedom of religion.

In Portugal, the society is 85% Roman Catholic though less than a quarter of them attend mass regularly. It is no surprise that Brazil also is mainly Roman Catholic, though not as high a percentage as Portugal (yet Brazil has more members by population). There seems to be indication that Brazil has a more diverse range of religions than Portugal.

Dress / Food Dry cod is a favorite of those in Portugal and have hundreds of recipes for it. Portugal has also gained an international reputation for wine. Port Wine is widely exported and well known around the world.

Portugal has at least seven regional dialects, while Brazil has at least four with several subdialects in each of those four areas. Otherwise, it is said that a conversation between a Brazilian and a Portuguese would be easier than a conversation between an Australian and an American.

And, as one might expect, there are words that are unique to each country:

bus (Brazil) => onibus
bus (Portugal) => autocarro

carpet (Brazil) => tapete
carpet (Portugal => alcatifa