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Japanese Grammar: Sentences | Verbs | Nouns | Adjectives | Prepositions | Adverbs

inside, among => naka
The cat is inside the box.=> Neko wa hako no naka ni iru.
Hiroshi is popular among the students.=> Hiroshi wa gakusei no naka de ninkimono desu.

outside => soto
The kids are playing outside. => Kodomotachi wa soto de asonde iru.

above, on top of => ue
below, underneath => shita
The dictionary is on the desk. => Jisho wa tsukue no ue ni aru.
The dictionary is under the desk. => Jisho wa tsukue no shita ni aru.

in front of => mae
behind => ushiro or ura
across from => mukai
next to => soba, yoko, or tonari
between => aida
near => chikai, or chikaku ni
far => tooi

More Particles
Ni indicates motion directed towards a place or object. Ni is used for spcific times, like the words in, on, or at.
Kara indicates motion from a place or object.