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French Grammar: Sentences | Verbs | Nouns | Adjectives | Prepositions | Adverbs

Similar to other romance languages French has 3 kinds of 'easy'-to-conjugate verbs. It also has 2 other kinds: irregular and stem-changing verbs. These first three examples are examples of regular -er, -ir and -re ending verbs.

---Present Tense:
I speak = je parle
you speak = tu parles
you speak (formal) = il parle
we speak = nous parlons
they speak = ils parlent

---Past Tense:
I spoke = je parlais
you spoke = tu parlais
you spoke (formal) = il/elle/on parlait
we spoke = nous parlaions
they spoke = ils/elles parlaint

---Present Tense:
I choose = je choisis
you choose = tu choisis
you choose (formal) = il choisit
we choose = nous choisissons
they choose = ils choisissent

---Past Tense:
I chose = je choisais
you chose = tu choisais
you chose (formal) = il/elle/on choisait
we chose = nous choisions
they chose = ils/elles choisient

---Present Tense:
I descend = je descends
you descend = tu descends
you descend (formal) = il descend
we descend = nous descendons
they choose = ils descendent

---Past Tense:
I descended = je descendais
you descended = tu descendais
you descended (formal) = il/elle/on descendait
we descended = nous descendions
they descended = ils/elles descendaient

Here are a few other useful verbs and their conjugations. The first is an irregular verb:

---Present Tense:
I have = je ai OR j'ai
you have = tu as
you have (formal) = il a
we have= nous avons
they have = ils ont

---Past Tense:
I had = j'avais
you had = tu avais
you had (formal) = il/elle/on avait
we had = nous avions
they had = ils/elles avaient

---Present Tense:
I am = je suis
you are = tu es
you are (formal) = il est
we are= nous sommes
they are = ils sont

---Past Tense:
I was = j'étais
you were = tu étais
you were (formal) = il/elle/on était
we were = nous étions
they were = ils/elles étaient

---Present Tense:
I go = je vais
you go = tu vas
you go (formal) = il va
we go= nous allons
they go = ils vont

---Present Tense:
I come = je viens
you come = tu viens
you come (formal) = il vient
we come= nous venons
they come = ils viennent

---Past Tense:
I came = je venais
you came = tu venais
you came (formal) = il/elle/on venait
we came = nous venions
they came = ils/elles venaient

---Present Tense:
I do/make = je fais
you do/make = tu fais
you do/make (formal) = il fait
we do/make= nous faisons
they do/make = ils font

---Past Tense:
I did/made = je faisais
you did/made = tu faisais
you did/made (formal) = il/elle/on faisait
we did/made = nous faisions
they did/made = ils/elles faisaient

Use vous, tu and nous:
Polite- vous form
Familiar- tu form
"Let us"- nous form

For example,
Vous => Restez! (Stay!)
Tu => Regarde! (Watch!)
Nous => Allons-y! (Let's go!)